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ssi advanced open water instructorAdvanced Open Water Instructor (AOWI).

OWI + 4 SSI Specialties’. Teaching specialty courses is a perfect way to continue to grow as an SSI Instructor and increase your revenue channels. Specialty courses offer variety and are convenient to learn. SSI Instructors may qualify to teach specialty courses by attending a seminar, co-teaching with an Advanced Open Water Instructor and purchasing course teaching materials.


ssi speciality instructorThere are a variety of specialty courses to choose from:

  • * Boat Diving
  • * Wreck Diving
  • * Enriched Air Nitrox
  • * Computer Diving
  • * Technical Extended Range
  • * Deep Diving
  • * Digital Underwater Photography
  • * Diver Stress and Rescue
  • * Night and Limited Visibility
  • * Waves Tides and Currents

SSI Speciality Instructor...