SSI Respond Right First Aid

As divers develop diving experiences and skill levels, divers tend to travel further afield to explore new dive sites and locations that satisfy their thirst for personal challenge relaxation and enjoyment. Eventually they find themselves in remote diving locations, as in Bali and they need to be self sufficient in many ways particularly in the event of an accident / diving incident

Being qualified in SSI Respond Right Advanced First Aid will give them the skills to manage an accident scene and provide essential first aid. The skills learnt in this program can also be taken to the work environment and will give them the confidence to assist a colleague, friend and also family member even a total stranger in a time of real need

SSI Respond Right First Aid Program is split into three (4) areas:

Eventually you will consider taking the next step in your diving career and becoming a dive professional— SSI Snorkelling Instructor, SSI Dive Control Specialist or SSI Open Water Instructor you will need to complete the  SSI Advanced First Aid and Oxygen Administration or a First Aid Course to work in the industry then the SSI Advanced First Aid must be obtained

SSI Respond Right First Aid| Respond Right First Aid Program - SSI Bali

1. Basic First Aid

This course is a basic half day first aid course (with home study) to meet the requirements of SSI Stress and Rescue. During this course you will be taught theory and practical application of : Essential First Aid and Trauma This course is not an accredited training course.

2. Advanced First Aid

This one day first aid course (with home study) is a fully accredited first aid course. The competency obtained Provide First Aid. Following on from Basic First Aid this program covers Medical Emergencies, Advanced First Aid & Childhood Illnesses - This ½ day first aid course is a fully accredited first aid course – Provide Advanced First Aid Response.

3. Oxygen Administration

This programs goes into detail on

  • Oxygen Administration
  • Oxygen Equipment
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Oxygen Delivery unit.

Programs includes:

:: Active First Aid training manual.
:: Respond Right Oxygen Administration Work Book.
:: Instructor and professional fees.
:: Respond Right Wall Certificate.

:: Total investment Advanced First Aid …… us$110.00
:: Total investment Oxygen Administration …… us$75.00

SSI Respond Right First Aid| Respond Right First Aid Program - SSI Bali

Additional equipment recommended for this program includes a pocket mask. This is Personal protective equipment for providing expired air resuscitation (EAR). These are available for purchase at the shop. Receive a FREE pocket mask if completing both Advanced First Aid and Oxygen Administration.

Program requirements:

:: Participants must be 15 years or older