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Some people dream it. You could do it. Becoming a professional scuba diving instructor doesn’t mean having to sell the house, pass your spouse on to your best friend and put the kids on Ebay. Many instructors work part time, earning extra income from the sport they love. Others really do uproot themselves and let the world’s oceans take them to marvellous places and different cultures. Either way, it’s a life-changing decision and you don’t want to risk it in the hands of untested strangers.

To undertake your dive instructor training in Bali adds another whole dimension to the experience; it is one of the world’s most fascinating tropical islands. But it is also home to Scuba Instructor Training courses that range from outstandingly good to - well, less than that. The best courses go far beyond the bare requirements of the course and immerse you in the actual life of a working dive business, giving you invaluable experience that isn’t ‘in the book’.

SSI Go Pro - PADI Go Pro >> Bali Dive Courses

Dive Courses Bali was set up to give independent advice on the combination of Dive Organisation, Dive Centre and Instructor that will give the you the best possible training, both as a scuba instructor and a member of the worldwide dive business. Our founding partners include a PADI Staff Instructor, an SSI Instructor Trainer and an SSI Instructor Certifier who share more than 20 years experience of diving in Bali and of its dive businesses. We are determined to preserve the reputation of Bali’s magnificent diving and of the best of its dive operators.

SSI Go Pro - PADI Go Pro >> Bali Dive Courses

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