As part of an industry serving 2.5 million active divers and 67 million snorkelers, Scuba Schools International is one of the most trusted names in scuba diving. SSI has set the standard for scuba diving certification since 1970, with more than 27 regional offices, represented in more than 110 countries and more than 2.400 international locations, as well as materials printed in 25 languages.

At Dive Courses Bali, we're passionate about the romance, amazing beauty, and sheer enjoyment of scuba . . .

Diving means being transported to undersea caverns, swimming with schools of seemingly make-believe fish, exploring places that only handfuls of human beings have laid eyes on…diving can take you all around the world to the earth’s most stunning locations, and expand your understanding of nature’s possibilities.

  …as well as the skill and quality of our instructors and training methods.

Scuba is only an enjoyable, relaxing pastime if the diver feels safe and well-trained. That’s why SSI has worked for over 38 years to perfect our signature training technique “comfort through repetition”, develop the most stringent instructor certification standards, and to cultivate a network of authorized dive centers and resorts which guarantee SSI’s high quality of service and safety.

SSI Open Water Diver CourseYou will learn all necessary skills with SSI Instructors who are required to be affiliated with an SSI Dive Center. The goal is to make sure you feel safe, confident and prepared. You can start today to learn how to scuba dive: with FREE online E learning training will give you the basic information you need and prepare you for your first underwater Dive . Get started today!