During the SSI Instructor CrossOver Course the emphasis is on introducing you to the SSI System rather than testing your teaching abilities. We respect the fact that as certified Diving Instructors you already possess the knowledge and skills to teach and certify student divers. Our focus will be to simply introduce you to the SSI system and show you how to gain the maximum benefit from the support materials provided.


SSI Instructor crossover course Bali includes:

SSI crossover course , SSI Instructor Cross Over Course Bali , SSI ITC Instructor Training Course Ba

  • three (3) day SSI ITC Crossover Course
  • lunch on all days during SSI ITC Crossover Course
  • Complete  Set of SSI Manuals required for SSI ITC Crossover Course
  • SSI Nitrox Instructor Course
  • Complimentary morning fun diving during the course
  • 4 nights’ accommodation twin share
  • Airport transfers
  • Transfers to confined water and open water site
  • All tanks, weights and belts for the entire SSI ITC Crossover Course
  • Techniques for recruiting, teaching and evaluating students
  • The SSI Education System and Education Philosophy
  • How dive industry stakeholders interact
  • How successful dive retailers and resorts operate
  • Effective techniques for teaching in the pool and open water
  • Legal aspects of teaching
  • The basics of educational sales using SSI's Customer Loyalty Cycle

SSI Instructor Upgrade price: us$ 750.00

Course Prerequisites are:

  • Be an active Open Water Instructor or higher with a Scuba training organization for at least 6 months
  • Have logged at least 100 dives
  • Have taught or assisted in at least 1 scuba course during the past year
  • Have a current medical exam for diving signed by a physician
  • Have proof of CPR & First Aid training within the last 24 months

The SSI Instructor crossover is made up of three components:

1. Home Preparation: Your Instructor Crossover Training kit will include a home preparation guide listing Pre-study assignments that need to be completed prior to the course start date. Topics include, SSI History & Philosophy, SSI Training Standards and SSI educational System etc.

2. Academic Workshop: This session will include a review of the material already learned during home study as well as information pertinent to scheduling and teaching the SSI Open Water Diver Course.

3. In-Water Teaching Workshop: The purpose of this session is to orientate you to a few specific diving skills

Why SSI Instructors are More Marketable

SSI crossover Bali | SSI Instructor CrossOver Course Bali | SSI (ITC) Instructor Training Course Bali

  • SSI Instructors possess business knowledge that instructors from other agencies don't. The expanded course content of the SSI ITC gives you an edge over "teaching only" programs and makes you a much more valuable, well-rounded employee.
  • SSI Instructors represent the best of both worlds. You are trained to use the award-winning SSI Teaching System and you are trained to be a skilled educator.
  • SSI Instructors are able to conduct the Universal Referral Program. This program allows you to complete referral dives through six different agencies: IDEA, NASDS, NAUI, PDIC, SSI and the YMCA. This is particularly valuable to resorts that receive customers affiliated with various certification agencies