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Scuba Diving Internships are full time residential courses at one of our recommended Bali Dive Centres. Because it involves total immersion (no pun intended) in dive theory and practice, it is unquestionably the best way to promote your scuba diving skills to professional levels, or to make the life-changing step up to becoming an Instructor. A well-conducted Internship will give you much more than basic qualifications. You will join in the life of a working Business and learn invaluable professional secrets along with your scuba diving skills.

Scuba Diving Internships | Scuba Internships | Bali Dive Courses

Any Scuba Diving Internship is only as good as the Dive Centre conducting it. The professionalism and philosophy of the people teaching you should be as exemplary as their technical and educational abilities. The habits and attitudes you acquire during your internship will influence the rest of your diving career.


Our staff includes a PADI Staff Instructor, an SSI Instructor Trainer and an SSI Instructor Certifier. Their job is to monitor all the Internships on offer in Bali and shortlist only those Dive Centres and Instructors that meet the very highest standards of professionalism, offer top quality facilities and consistently show exceptionally high success rates. Then we can combine our knowledge of what's best in Bali with what we learn about you to find exactly the right internship.

Scuba Diving Internships ++ Scuba Internships ++ Bali Dive Courses


Our committment to your success doesn't end with your last instructor's exam. Dive Courses Bali maintains close contacts within the dive industry all around the region. This means we can help you find employment after you have qualified as a PADI or SSI instructor. In fact, the demand for SSI instructors in Asia is currently so high that we can actually guarantee a job offer to all successful SSI candidates.

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Scuba Diving Internships ++ Scuba Internships ++ Bali Dive Courses