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Most websites want to sell you a dive course. We want to give you advice. Our payment comes from those Bali Dive Centres that are professional enough to meet Dive Courses Bali exacting standards – and then only when they have satisfied your requirements as well as our standards.

We are confident enough of our service to offer 100% money back guarantee if your dive course does not comply with every statement we make here and in any correspondence with you.

We are an independent group of dive professionals with 20 years’ experience and many thousands of dives in Bali. Our researchers include a PADI Staff Instructor and an SSI Instructor Certifier. They have examined what’s on offer in Bali and can direct you towards the best in terms of safety, professionalism and enjoyment.

Because not all that’s on offer is what it should be. There are dive centres that out source important training facilities; they borrow hotel pools rather than build a proper training pool, or rent a ‘classroom’ without the technical facilities needed for modern teaching methods. Some even rent their scuba equipment and scuba tanks so they have no control over its maintenance or safety. Some retain no permanent Instructors. And so on.

Here are some of the questions you should ask of any Bali Dive Centre - and that we have already asked for you - Click Away !!!

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